Skill to Chill: Guided Relaxation Music CD CD001

Skill to Chill
$ 24.95 each
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Quality Area 2 of the NQS requires educators to meet children’s needs for sleep, rest and relaxation. EYLF and MTOP also emphasise that relaxation plays a crucial role in helping children celebrate Learning Outcomes 3.1 and 3.2.

However, rest and relaxation time in education and care services can be anything but relaxing for children or their educators. Relaxation does not come naturally to children. Rather, it is a skill that has to be learnt.

Playing the CD Skill to Chill for the first 30 minutes of rest time is the perfect way to teach children how to relax. The music is simply beautiful and narration is easy to follow and guides the children step by step through the proven technique of progressive relaxation – a skill they can use throughout their lives.